Catadel Updated to v0.8!

Character customizer updates

Select traits, stats, and rotate your character!

Trait Implementation 90% complete

35 traits are in and working. What will your starter cats’ personalities be?

Trait Selection UI

New Contributor to Mood: Dirtiness

Cats will get dirty as they perform work. There’s now an action for each cat to groom itself clean. But beware of hairballs!

Other bug fixes and improvements:

  • Cows and sheep will try to return to their pens if they wander out
  • Wild boar spawn points have been randomized slightly in levels 1 and 2
  • When cats are in such a miserable mood that they want to desert town, you now have 12 hours to have another cat ask them to stay. If the miserable cat is not asked to stay within the “Packing Bags” period, they will leave
  • Move stables door navlinks slightly — hopefully this fixes the issues with cats getting in and out sometimes
  • Fixed character visuals returning to normal if the game is exited while in the tutorial
  • Catnip is now the only food source in the wild — and it gives everyone a little mood boost when they eat it. Don’t eat catnip for 3 days straight though!
  • Added buttons to rotate characters in the cat customizer — you can see the backs of their heads now
  • Added some routing fixes to prevent characters from choosing to go to the same point. This prevents cats clogging up the fire place
  • Cats can now sleep near the campfire at night — but tree cats and domestic cats won’t like it

There’s a lot more notes to add, but they are mostly in implementing the 30 something new traits that are now in the game. Please play around with them and tell me what you think! Thanks for following Catadel’s development!

Patch Notes v0.7.r4

Catadel Closed Alpha is up and running. We’re now on version 0.7.r4! If you’re coming in from v0.6 (AKA the demo), here’s all the new hotness:


Doing work will sometimes add debuffs that decrease your cat’s mood

Cat mood affects whether they will listen to you. You’ll now see their mood on their info bar. Moods are affected through buffs and debuffs, so you can look at a cat’s buff bar to see what’s causing their mood changes.

Cats will work faster when in a good mood and will work slower (and even become uncontrollable!) when in lower moods.

Death Updates

You now have time to save cats before they die

Instead of dying immediately upon reaching 0 health, cats now will enter a knocked out states and their lives will start counting down. Cats start with 9 lives and will die when their lives reach 0. You can direct another citizen to revive knocked out cats. Save them before their lives run out!


Every cat now has 2-3 traits that affect their behavior

Cats now have personality traits! Traits affect a variety of things from mood to preferences in sleeping location.
Optimistic cats have a permanent mood boost.
Sleepy cats will get sleepy more often.
Tree cats don’t like sleeping on the first floor of houses.

Note: Not all traits are fully working. Those marked with (NYI) at the end of the trait name are not yet implemented.

Other New Things

  • The game’s been upgraded to Unity’s Light Weight Render Pipeline (LWRP). You will (hopefully) see better frame rates on low end machines. But this comes at a cost of no shadows for point lights (and point lights looking different from before, so your campfires don’t look quite the same)
  • Boars have new models! And a death animation! and they make pig sounds!
  • New Tutorial Level – please give us feedback on it! Was it helpful? Did you get stuck at any point? Were any of the transitions too abrupt? Is it too slow? Too fast? Difficult to follow? Let us know!
  • New Level Select Screen — it’s not finished art yet, but the level select screen’s art should look more compatible with the rest of the game.

Feature Changes

  • Removed time limit on Levels — take your time and relax with your cats. (Time limit might come back in a hard mode later on if enough people want a challenge)
  • In level select, you must now open the citizens select menu and click accept before you can start the level (makes it so people are aware you can and should bring along additional cats)

Known Issues

Saves are not compatible with the demo. You’ll have to start a new game. This isn’t something we wanted, but was forced because of Unity’s upgrade from .NET 3 to .NET 4. The C# binary serializer just doesn’t migrate between the two.

It’s been so long since I last wrote patch notes that it’s hard to actually list all the changes. But it’s been a long time coming and I’m so glad to have the new version finally out there and in the hands of players. Thank you everyone for your patience!

PAX and Discord

First off: PAX

Wow! We got selected!

Guess what? Catadel’s going to PAX West! We got selected by Indie Megabooth to present at a minibooth there on Sunday & Monday. If you’re going to PAX, please stop by to see us! We’d love to meet you!

Wow, where has the time gone? When we first started talking about the Closed Alpha, it was still early spring of 2019. Since then, there’s been so much going in areas outside of my expertise (AKA doing things that don’t include just making the game). I’ve been making presentations, applying to shows, forming a company, and retaining a lawyer. It’s been a wild ride.

Second Off: Discord & Closed Alpha

The Catadel Discord is set up and the Closed Alpha is ready to go! We’ll be sending out instructions on how to join and install the game from Discord in the next day or so. It’ll be done in waves (so we don’t get pummeled). Keep your eyes on the look out for more info from us soon!

Boars and Character Customizer and Traits!

Hi everyone!

A lot of things have been happening behind the scenes here. There’s still some things I can’t talk about quite yet, but know that we’re securing a future for Catadel! Securing funding and help takes quite a long time — and there are lawyers involved and lots of papers … it’s complicated :X

In the meantime, here’s what we’ve been working on for the game:

New Boar Model


The boars you fight finally have a custom model! and sound! Thank you Mindy and David!

Cat Customizer

Cat Customizer! Ummm . . . this is fine

Soon you’ll be able to create your own cats. We separated the eye and mouth textures so you can now choose both an eye type and a mouth type. We added more mouth and eye options too … O_O!


Leandra’s default traits. (NYI means not implemented yet)

Each cat will now come with their own set of traits. You’ll be able to select your own traits in the cat customizer for personalized cats. The traits affect everything from how the cats interact with each other to their sleep location preferences!

I’m still working on getting the Closed Alpha up and running. It was put on the back burner as we did redesigns of the core gameplay, and as I had to deal with the business side of making a game. Expect more details in the next month or so. Apologies for the delay! And thanks for your patience!

Game using new render pipeline.

P.S. If you notice some differences in the screenshots between this and the last update, it’s because we switched over to Unity’s Lightweight Render Pipeline and the change was not an exact one. But it does get us higher frame rates on most computers, so hopefully you’ll see better performance the next time you try the game!

Long Overdue Update

My life lately …

Sorry I haven’t updated in a long time. Honestly, so much has happened that I’m not sure where to begin anymore. Long story short, I’m still working hard on Catadel.

I’ve gotten some (rightfully asked) questions about how to make Catadel stand out more in terms of gameplay and content. It’s lead to some design changes and vision changes, which means new things to prototype and try out. It also meant I had to write a lot more design docs and presentations than ever — and I’m already not a great writer. Basically, the team is going to focus more on the cats and giving them more individual qualities (like mood and traits). We’re hoping the new focus on the cat citizens will make the game stand out more from existing games in this genre.

Character mood will get a redesign and new gameplay

Prototyping and trying out the new gameplay means having to get a handle on all the tech debt that had accumulated. Ex: Some data should have been ScriptableObjects instead of MonoBehaviours, etc. Among the biggest pieces of tech debt was needing to upgrade to unity 2019, which meant handling the great prefab migration, which meant fixing up the way all GameObjects are initialized. Not to mention having to merge my changes to unity’s NavMesh Components with the new update components for 2019.

And then I got sick last Monday (like 2 weeks ago) and it still hasn’t fully gone away yet. It’s been one of those rides … so please bear with me.

I learned bear with me isn’t bear related. I wish it was. Photo by David Silverman

Update 0.6.r35 – Cows

Hi everyone!

It’s been awhile since the last post — the team’s been hard at work, but on a lot of planning and logistical things. I can’t talk about it in detail just yet, but know that we are working hard to secure a future for Catadel!

In the meantime, there’s been a small update to the demo of the game.

There’s also a requirement to type something into the bug summary text box. I’ve gotten some empty bug reports before and it can be very confusing to figure out what the bug is when there’s only a screenshot.

New: Shepherd Specialization

When your farmer reaches level 2, you’ll be able to choose between the Shepherd and Cook specializations.

The Shepherd specialization gives your farmer the ability to put down a Stables. You can then select the stables to buy Cows. Each Stable building can hold up to 3 animals. The animals all have a food trough from which they eat and a hay pile for sleeping. The farmer will need to refill the food trough with food when it’s empty.

Cows will produce milk on a fixed time (currently it’s 24 hours). Animals will display a thought bubble over their heads when are ready to be milked.

This cow is ready to be milked.

A farmer can then milk the cow to get a bucket of Milk, which can then be consumed as food.

Farmers can then milk the cow
And get a bucket of milk

There will be more farm animals available in the Closed Alpha (once we start rolling that out).

New bug reporter features

This update makes some changes to the bug reporter (Unity made some changes on their end, so I had to update). As a bonus, there is now have a “attach save file” check box so you can automatically attach your save files to the game. This will attach the save from WHEN YOU LAST SAVED. So if you want to send us a save of your game right now, you’ll have to manually save first. Hopefully this isn’t too confusing (if it is, I can change it).

New bug reporter

Other Minor changes

  • Fixed errors showing up when removing a building while cats are using furniture in the building
  • Updated profession hat colors — we’re in the process of updating the icons to correspond with these new colors

Preview: Farmer Livestock

Hi everyone,

It feels nice to get back to working on game features. Last week, I was so busy with GDC that I didn’t have time to do an update.

Here’s a preview of the livestock farmers can raise if they take the Shepherd talent. There’s a new Stables building!

The stables!

You can click on the stables and buy cows (and other animals in the future).

Run, cow! Run!
Eat, cow! Eat!

I’m working on deciding where to host the Closed Alpha and also setting up a Discord. Hopefully the discord will make it easier to communicate feedback with me and also force me to be more responsive. (I read everyone’s feedback and consider them, I promise!)

Catadel Reveal Trailer

This week, we made a trailer for Catadel!

We’re trying to build a community for the game, and getting people to know about it is the first step.

Please help us by sharing the trailer your friends and social media!

We’ll get back to implementing new features and Closed Alpha goodness next week! Thank you for your patience!

Update 0.6.r25 is out

Hi everyone,

A new update is out for Catadel’s Demo. That’s right, the current Catadel game on has officially become the demo version!

New Ranger and Architect hats!


  • New Hats have been added for the Architect, Ranger, and their apprentices
  • There’s now text telling you your computer’s “Recommended” graphics setting in the options menu
  • Roads now intersect when you cross them. T shaped intersections not yet implemented
  • Talents are now only applied if you click the accept button

There will be a few more art assets and bug fixes made to the Demo, but no more major updates.

Bad Optics will now start developing the full version of Catadel — there are many more features and levels we want to add! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to participate in our Closed Alpha.

Why Go into Closed Alpha?

There are so many things I want to talk about on this subject, but since I’ve tried and failed to write down my thoughts over the last 2 weeks, I have resigned to the fact that I am a poor writer. I am exploring other forms of communication (such as doing a video instead). Please bare with me as I figure out the best way to communicate going forward.

Road Tool Improvements

Roads Now Intersect!

Hi everyone,

This week we worked on improving the road tool. Roads will now have an intersection visual when they cross.

Squires now have custom helmets

We also created custom helmets for squires.

These new features, along with some bug fixes, will be released in a patch either this weekend or early next week.