PAX and Discord

First off: PAX

Wow! We got selected!

Guess what? Catadel’s going to PAX West! We got selected by Indie Megabooth to present at a minibooth there on Sunday & Monday. If you’re going to PAX, please stop by to see us! We’d love to meet you!

Wow, where has the time gone? When we first started talking about the Closed Alpha, it was still early spring of 2019. Since then, there’s been so much going in areas outside of my expertise (AKA doing things that don’t include just making the game). I’ve been making presentations, applying to shows, forming a company, and retaining a lawyer. It’s been a wild ride.

Second Off: Discord & Closed Alpha

The Catadel Discord is set up and the Closed Alpha is ready to go! We’ll be sending out instructions on how to join and install the game from Discord in the next day or so. It’ll be done in waves (so we don’t get pummeled). Keep your eyes on the look out for more info from us soon!