Patch Notes v0.7.r4

Catadel Closed Alpha is up and running. We’re now on version 0.7.r4! If you’re coming in from v0.6 (AKA the demo), here’s all the new hotness:


Doing work will sometimes add debuffs that decrease your cat’s mood

Cat mood affects whether they will listen to you. You’ll now see their mood on their info bar. Moods are affected through buffs and debuffs, so you can look at a cat’s buff bar to see what’s causing their mood changes.

Cats will work faster when in a good mood and will work slower (and even become uncontrollable!) when in lower moods.

Death Updates

You now have time to save cats before they die

Instead of dying immediately upon reaching 0 health, cats now will enter a knocked out states and their lives will start counting down. Cats start with 9 lives and will die when their lives reach 0. You can direct another citizen to revive knocked out cats. Save them before their lives run out!


Every cat now has 2-3 traits that affect their behavior

Cats now have personality traits! Traits affect a variety of things from mood to preferences in sleeping location.
Optimistic cats have a permanent mood boost.
Sleepy cats will get sleepy more often.
Tree cats don’t like sleeping on the first floor of houses.

Note: Not all traits are fully working. Those marked with (NYI) at the end of the trait name are not yet implemented.

Other New Things

  • The game’s been upgraded to Unity’s Light Weight Render Pipeline (LWRP). You will (hopefully) see better frame rates on low end machines. But this comes at a cost of no shadows for point lights (and point lights looking different from before, so your campfires don’t look quite the same)
  • Boars have new models! And a death animation! and they make pig sounds!
  • New Tutorial Level – please give us feedback on it! Was it helpful? Did you get stuck at any point? Were any of the transitions too abrupt? Is it too slow? Too fast? Difficult to follow? Let us know!
  • New Level Select Screen — it’s not finished art yet, but the level select screen’s art should look more compatible with the rest of the game.

Feature Changes

  • Removed time limit on Levels — take your time and relax with your cats. (Time limit might come back in a hard mode later on if enough people want a challenge)
  • In level select, you must now open the citizens select menu and click accept before you can start the level (makes it so people are aware you can and should bring along additional cats)

Known Issues

Saves are not compatible with the demo. You’ll have to start a new game. This isn’t something we wanted, but was forced because of Unity’s upgrade from .NET 3 to .NET 4. The C# binary serializer just doesn’t migrate between the two.

It’s been so long since I last wrote patch notes that it’s hard to actually list all the changes. But it’s been a long time coming and I’m so glad to have the new version finally out there and in the hands of players. Thank you everyone for your patience!