Long Overdue Update

My life lately …

Sorry I haven’t updated in a long time. Honestly, so much has happened that I’m not sure where to begin anymore. Long story short, I’m still working hard on Catadel.

I’ve gotten some (rightfully asked) questions about how to make Catadel stand out more in terms of gameplay and content. It’s lead to some design changes and vision changes, which means new things to prototype and try out. It also meant I had to write a lot more design docs and presentations than ever — and I’m already not a great writer. Basically, the team is going to focus more on the cats and giving them more individual qualities (like mood and traits). We’re hoping the new focus on the cat citizens will make the game stand out more from existing games in this genre.

Character mood will get a redesign and new gameplay

Prototyping and trying out the new gameplay means having to get a handle on all the tech debt that had accumulated. Ex: Some data should have been ScriptableObjects instead of MonoBehaviours, etc. Among the biggest pieces of tech debt was needing to upgrade to unity 2019, which meant handling the great prefab migration, which meant fixing up the way all GameObjects are initialized. Not to mention having to merge my changes to unity’s NavMesh Components with the new update components for 2019.

And then I got sick last Monday (like 2 weeks ago) and it still hasn’t fully gone away yet. It’s been one of those rides … so please bear with me.

I learned bear with me isn’t bear related. I wish it was. Photo by David Silverman