Update 0.6.r35 – Cows

Hi everyone!

It’s been awhile since the last post — the team’s been hard at work, but on a lot of planning and logistical things. I can’t talk about it in detail just yet, but know that we are working hard to secure a future for Catadel!

In the meantime, there’s been a small update to the demo of the game.

There’s also a requirement to type something into the bug summary text box. I’ve gotten some empty bug reports before and it can be very confusing to figure out what the bug is when there’s only a screenshot.

New: Shepherd Specialization

When your farmer reaches level 2, you’ll be able to choose between the Shepherd and Cook specializations.

The Shepherd specialization gives your farmer the ability to put down a Stables. You can then select the stables to buy Cows. Each Stable building can hold up to 3 animals. The animals all have a food trough from which they eat and a hay pile for sleeping. The farmer will need to refill the food trough with food when it’s empty.

Cows will produce milk on a fixed time (currently it’s 24 hours). Animals will display a thought bubble over their heads when are ready to be milked.

This cow is ready to be milked.

A farmer can then milk the cow to get a bucket of Milk, which can then be consumed as food.

Farmers can then milk the cow
And get a bucket of milk

There will be more farm animals available in the Closed Alpha (once we start rolling that out).

New bug reporter features

This update makes some changes to the bug reporter (Unity made some changes on their end, so I had to update). As a bonus, there is now have a “attach save file” check box so you can automatically attach your save files to the game. This will attach the save from WHEN YOU LAST SAVED. So if you want to send us a save of your game right now, you’ll have to manually save first. Hopefully this isn’t too confusing (if it is, I can change it).

New bug reporter

Other Minor changes

  • Fixed errors showing up when removing a building while cats are using furniture in the building
  • Updated profession hat colors — we’re in the process of updating the icons to correspond with these new colors