Preview: Flour Mill and Outdoor Kitchen

Preview of new farmer buildings

Here’s a preview of what we’ve been working on this week. Also in the pipeline:

  • Restarting a level — You’ll now be able to choose to restart a level if things aren’t going your way. This should alleviate the need to always be saving
  • Fixes for weird level loading issues when returning to main menu and loading a save
  • More interesting level up decisions (more to show next week)

Catadel Hotfixes: v 0.5.r19

New stairs tool: Click to place stairs where the ground glows purple.

Fixes this update:

  • Stairs Tool remake — You now can only place stairs in designated areas that are highlighted in purple when you click the stairs tool. Mouse over the highlighted areas and the stairs will automatically rotate to a valid orientation.
  • Combat music will no longer stack/play multiple instances
  • Cats will now be teleported out if a building blueprint is placed on top of them.
  • Leandra has a new face and coat texture
New Leandra!

Thank you to everyone that has provided feedback! (You can either post on the forums or via the in game suggestion tool.)

New Year, New Website!

Welcome to the new website home of Catadel!

First, an introduction. Hi! My name is Yang. Until now, if you’ve interacted with Bad Optics in any way, you’ve been talking to me.

In 2017, after years of working professionally in the games industry, I decided to take the plunge and create my own game as an independent developer. I wanted to make a game that combined my specialty in making simulation games with my love of games like Age of Empires.

Of course, there’re lots of other games that inspired Catadel to become its current form today. But that’s a story for another time.

Catadel has changed a lot since it was first published to in April of 2018. The game’s come so far since then. Check out these screenshot comparisons:

Screenshot of the first build published on

Did you know? Catadel first published without sound effects. My friend, Jamie, created the first cat models (Thank you!) and all the other assets were bought from the Unity asset store.

Late July was when the UI got a make over

Catadel got an actual UI skin in late July. Then, in August 2018, 3D artists Mindy and David joined the team part time. They started creating new cat and tree models for the game. We’re slowly replacing the placeholder art assets with an art vision of our own.

The game today. New cat models, new tree models, and so much more

What new changes will 2019 bring? We’re so excited to find out! And we hope you’ll decide to come along for the journey!