Update v0.6.r21!

Hi everyone, I have some news:

Soon, Catadel will enter into a Closed Alpha stage.

More details will be released in the coming week about what this will entail. In the meantime, you can also sign up for the newsletter. if you want to hear from us as soon as possible.

Now the fun stuff — Catadel was just updated to version 0.6.r21! 

Here’s what’s new:


Profession Level Up Talents

The Knight and the Farmer now have talents that you can choose when they reach level 2. The plan is to add talents to all the other professions as well. Perhaps a talent option every couple of levels so you can feel like each character is customized.

As an example of what talents can do, the Knight’s Shield Focus talent will equip all their apprentices with shields and also increase the knight’s own armor.

Meanwhile, the Sword Focus talent will equip all the apprentices with two handed swords (2 handed attack animations not yet implemented. Also the sword models are temporary and a little large.) and grant the Knight 2 strength.

For the Farmer, the talents available at level 2 give them new abilities. 

You can choose to specialize as a Brewer or a Cook. The Brewer will get access to the Tavern (so not all Farmers have the Tavern anymore)

And the Tavern now provides 3 sleeping spaces. Actual brewing crops and making drinks not yet implemented (will be in a future update sometime in the next couple of weeks).

Meanwhile, the Cook gets access to 3 new abilities: The Wheat Farm, the Flour Mill, and the Outdoor Kitchen.

You can grow wheat again! If you have wheat in your town inventory and you build a Flour Mill, it will convert the wheat into flour (Effects and models for the gears grinding the wheat are not yet implemented, so the flour just appears on the flour of the flour mill periodically). The Storage Chest makes a comeback! You get one on the lower floor of the Mill and it will act like a Storage Location (but indoors!).

If you have flour in your town inventory, you can use the farmer to bake the flour into bread at the Outdoor Kitchen. You get 2 bread per bag of flour.

Yay bread! The Outdoor Kitchen also has some seating — the plan is to have cats be able to sit down and eat in a later update.

Other New Features/Changes:

  • Previous save games are compatible with the new update so you’ll be able to load up old saves. Your old taverns will not have the correct number of beds, unfortunately 
  • You can now restart a level. You will lose your characters’ gained experience and new characters you met in that level. When loading up an old save, since this data didn’t exist yet, the restart of the old save will allow you to keep whatever characters you had in that level at the first load (think of it as a bonus?)
  • You will now get daily provisions from the Catadel when playing on the first level. The kingdom heard your feedback and has decided to provide more help to your settlement. (Level 2 and 3 may see some periodic provisions from the Catadel as well, but at a lower cadence). Also, in old saves, the provisions on level 1 will arrive at weird times. It’s supposed to arrive at 8AM if you have a new save.
  • You now only need to have 7 population in Level 1 to complete the level

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bunch of error pop ups about routing
  • Pathing during combat should now look a little bit better (less running past each other and clipping into enemies)
  • Fixed (theoretically) level 1 being in a weird state when returning to main menu and then starting a new game

Known Issues:

  • People can get stuck in weird pathing issues still where they walk constantly into a corner or don’t know how to walk around each other. Unity’s default Navigation system has a few quirks that I need to poke their engineers about. I’d rather not switch to a different navigation package, so hopefully there’s a good solution to it. 

Questions? Feedback? Please let us know in the comments below or the forums! Thank you for playing!