Catadel v0.9 Arrives!

Hi everyone,
Catadel 0.9.r19 is now live on the Catadel Discord! For Catadel newsletter subscribers, you are all invited to join the discord. If you need instructions mailed to you again, just reply to any newsletter email.

Here’s what’s new:


Your cats can now have relationships with each other. Relationship increases or decreases based on what social interactions you choose to do. Relationship will also decrease slightly over time if two cats don’t talk to each other for awhile.

A new slate of social interactions are available between your catizens.
Will your cats be best friends? Or mortal enemies?
Being near good friends gives a mood bonus. Being near enemies gives a mood hit.

Cats will also mourn the death of their good friends.

House Assignments

You can click on houses with beds and select “Set Residents”
Cats who already have homes will be locked out (you can unassign them by selecting their current house and removing them from the residents)

Cats will prefer to sleep in their house. They will also decide to go home if they are somewhere far away and tired.

Cats who have a house assigned will no longer get stuck out in the middle of nowhere — they’ll just go home.


  • Windmill and Outdoor Kitchen UI – you now have to select the buildings and tell them to produce things
Select the flour mill and click the “Make Flour” ability
The building will display what it’s been selected to produce

Now cats will be able to interact with the flour grind stone inside the windmill.

Start milling that flour!
  • New Rock models! There are now small and large rocks scattered about, waiting to be mined.
  • Intellect Changes – Each point of intellect increases experience by a larger amount now. Having 0 intellect means you gain no experience. Having 2 intellect is now twice as good as having 1 intellect, etc.
  • Sound effects for cooking and windmill
  • The save file used for the “continue” will now display its info on the title screen
  • Clumsy cats have a new trip and fall animation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed farms getting stuck in rotted field state. They will be reset on load
  • Fix for restart level causing people to lose their character progress by an entire level
  • Thought balloons for characters are now done in the UI instead of in 3D space — this should make them better visible against the fog. Hopefully without major performance implications
  • Fixed character stat adjustments in the Character Customizer not saving
  • Allow removing apprentices for professionals at level 1

Known Issues

  • The fight animation is not done yet — so cats will just kind of swat at each other.
  • The play with animation is also not done yet

Have feedback on the relationship system? Let us know what you think!