Catadel Version 0.11 – New Build Menu and Decorations

Hi everyone! Wow, has it really been 3 months since the last official release of Catadel? We hope everyone is staying safe with the Coronavirus Pandemic going around. Team Bad Optics has always been a remote team, so we are following guidelines and working from home. We hope this new update will provide you with some entertainment in these trying times.

What’s new:

New Build Menu

All Buildable Items are now shown under the Build Menu

Click the hammer and chisel button (above the minimap) to see the new Build Menu

The Build Menu also shows buildings that haven’t been unlocked yet based on talent choices.

Here, you can see the farmer buildings that you’d unlock depending on whether you choose to make your farmer a ‘Cook’ or a ‘Shepherd’

You’ll also get a red exclamation and a “New” text next to buildable objects that have just been unlocked.

Roads, Stairs, Bridges, and farm fields are now under the Infrastructure tab in the Build Menu


The last tab in the Build Menu is the new “Decorations” section. Here you can find decorative items that you’ve unlocked.

New Decorations Tab

Almost all decorations will be unlocked by having a professional “get to know” a cat with a required trait. For example, to unlock the Wishing Well, you need an Architect who knows the “Miserly” trait. This can be done by either have an Architect who is “Miserly” or by having the Architect talk to someone with the “Miserly” trait.

Tommath, the Architect, talks to Eva to learn about the “Miserly” trait
Use the “Get to Know” social to learn about another cat’s traits. Higher relationship makes this social more likely to succeed
If the “Get to Know” social succeeds, you’ll get a message for which trait was learned
Enjoy your new “Wishing Well”!
Some of the decorations are also places for your cats to sleep

Other Improvements/Changes:

Level 4 Preview!

You can now try out level 4. Note that we’re still actively working on level 4, so some of the objectives are not yet working and we’re still working on enemy tuning and resource placement. There might come a time when you’ll need to restart your level 4 town if you want to fully experience the level.

Level 4: The Swamp

New plant models:

New models for crops and pine trees!

New crop models!
New Pine Tree Models!


There is now rain in the game. Cats will get wet when it rains if they are outdoors. Rain is still a work in progress so we will be adding more interactions/UI elements to indicate weather changes in the future.

Cats will get damp when it rains

Trait Changes

  • Pessimistic cats will now slowly get more unhappy if they ever go below content mood. Other citizens can talk to them and comfort them, making them immune to pessimistic thoughts for a little while.
  • Fisher cats can now fish from schools of fish. Look for Fishing Spots in level 1 and level 2.
  • Mean cats can now ask cats that they dislike to leave the town.
  • Genius cats now hate being near other cats that have less than 2 intellect.
  • Genius cats will also be unhappy if they stay a villager for too long. Give them a job!
  • Fluffy cats get wet faster
  • You now get just one new town applicants message at 6pm everyday, but you should get the same number as before with 2 applicant times. This gives you more time to try to build enough housing

Other Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Holding shift while selecting actions from the interaction menu will now queue them
  • You can now click on the fleas buff to try to solve it. Will work on stubborn cats. Requires a bath house in the level.
  • Allow player to zoom out more in level 3
  • Make goblins and undead enemies drop gold
  • Storage location’s dialog items now not selectable. The dialog is just there for information
  • Tearing down a storage location now refunds all materials
  • Fix null pointer when periodically updating relationship
  • Fix tutorial level town popularity display
  • Hook up buffs to acolyte talents
  • Add different sound effects and animation states for heal
  • Fix save load character button not showing in 21:9
  • Cats will now scratch at fleas
  • Cats now get a buff when starting a level so the initial set of cats will not consider deserting town for 48 hours.
  • Add way to change the name of a cat in the info panel above their portrait.
  • Wet cats can now get dry from sitting near the campfire at the market.
  • The architect now has to construct stairs before they can be used
  • Buildings now start at 0 health when placed
  • When out of combat, enemies will run back to where they spawned. Makes enemies leave knocked out characters alone
  • Hunter Stealth can now be group queued
  • Display time remaining in hours on buffs. Days are now multiplied into hours.
  • Do not have market’s roads actually work until the road portion is built. Move market build locations so market can be constructed by more than 1 architect at a time now.
  • Socialites no longer try to talk to people that are in combat

Phew! That was a lot of stuff to go over. We promise to not hold on to major updates as long next time. As always please give us feedback in the discord! We love to hear from you!