Catadel Version 0.12 : New Difficulty, Citizen Requests!

Hi everyone,

Catadel was just updated to version 0.12.r28. A lot of new things in this update, so let’s get to it immediately:

New Game Difficulty Selection

You can now select the game difficulty when starting a new game. All existing games are by default “Catsual” difficulty

Choose your difficulty when you start a new game! (Hard mode not yet available)

Catverage (AKA Normal difficulty) differences from Catsual (AKA Easy difficulty):

  • increased enemy health and damage
  • The Catadel no longer sends daily bread provisions to towns in level 1
  • Towns require more popularity points before reaching certain star ratings
  • Characters require more exp to level up
  • Additional enemies and events exclusive to level 2 (Ex: wolves only spawn on Catverage and not Catsual)

Citizen Requests

Your town citizens will now occasionally have requests for you. Look out for citizens that have a little white speed bubble next to their heads

This citizen has a request for you

Select the citizen and then click on the speech bubble next to their portrait to accept or decline their request.

Click the speech bubble to learn more about the request

You can have up to 3 active requests at a time. Click the x button to decide to decline any requests that you later decide you don’t want to do.

Accepting the citizen request will add it to your list of citizen requests displayed under the level objectives.

When you complete a request, that cat will gain a heart, indicating their love for the town has improved:

Timmy loves the town slightly more after getting a new best friend

Complete 3 requests for a citizen for them to reach max happiness with your town. Then you’ll get that cat’s loyalty for a few days, so they will no longer decide to desert town.

New Level 2 Design

Level 2 has been given an overhaul.  The new level 2 is smaller and more stream lined, which more items around the map to explore.

You can now find goblin chests scattered throughout the map. Break them open to find a variety of resources

There are also a few more new points of interest in level 2 specific to Catverage Difficulty:

  • Goblin Thieves that will have a chance to spawn and steal items from your town
  • A Goblin Assault raid will sometimes attack your citizens
  • Goblins will now make a bridge on level 2 if your town doesn’t have one after a certain number of days
  • Goblin abductors will sometimes spawn in Goblin camps. The abductors will kidnap your citizens if they fall unconscious near the camps.

Other Changes

  • New catnip model. New windmill model. New storage location and simple cottage model.
  • New pumpkin and cabbage models for when they are ready for harvest
  • Cabbages now grow faster than pumpkins, but citizens will get bored of eating the same food for too many days in a row
  • New cat model and new animations for and tree chopping, mining , building, and farming
  • New Grass texture
  • Add Speed 3 option. Speed 2’s speed increase reduced. Cat base walking speed increased slightly
  • Added new decorations that are tied to traits. You now do not see the decorations in the town list until a cat with that trait is a member of the town
  • You now place a starting camp when first entering level 2. The starting camp has a fireplace and a small tent to sleep in
  • Annd a lot more things we lost track of because we’ve been so busy adding new features

Known Issues:

  • You’ll lose your old level 2 village if you load an old save — your citizens are still there, but the level data is gone so you’ll have to replay the level
  • The build menu will sometimes highlight a different item than what you previously selected after placing a building.

Thank you for playing!

As always, please give us feedback in the discord!