Catizens 0.14!

So much to talk about for the last couple of months. Please bear with me *deep breath*

Catadel is now Catizens!

We have a new official website at

Build a cat town. Manage catizens!

This webpage will stay around to post updates on the game’s development.

What’s new in Version 0.14

In keeping with superstitions, let’s skip over version 0.13 and jump directly into talking about version 0.14. Here’s what’s new:

A Bridge Tool!

Finally, Improved Bridge Building! you can now click and drag to create bridges of various lengths:

New Bridge Tool!

Upgrade to Starting Camp

You can now upgrade your Starting Camp to a Town Hall building. You can also name your town from either the Starting Camp or the Town Hall. The name of your town will show up in the save game title on the main menu.

Select the starting camp by right clicking on the banner. Then use the upgrade ability to change to a Townhall

Upgrade to a Townhall to increase town popularity and unlock inviting citizens from your previous towns to join your current one.

A Town Hall!

Upgrade Buildings for Comfort

You can now upgrade your housing to have more comfortable beds and chairs

Comfortable furniture give cats a mood boost when they use those objects

Merchants at the Market

The market has changed. Each day, there’s a chance an NPC merchant will come to your market. You can only buy and sell items when a merchant is at your town. Upgrade your market to improve the list of rare items a merchant carries. Merchants also will pay high price for certain items each time they visit — so look for the deals and sell when there’s high demand.

You can right click on the merchant and choose “View Trades” when they visit your Market
You’ll get special items to buy and special deals to sell certain items for a higher price than normal.

Don’t forget to talk to your merchant and make friends with them. They might even consider joining your town if a best friend asks.

Short On gold? Try Gold Mines

There are now Gold Mines randomly placed around levels. Mining in a gold mine will yield significantly more gold than mining regular rocks. Keep an eye out for them as you explore a level.

A reliable source of gold!

Move Decorations!

You can now move decorations around by selecting the “Move Decorations” option in the Build Menu

The Move Decorations button. When you click to enter the “Move Decorations” mode, you can then left click to choose a decoration and move it to a new location.


More the death of those who sacrificed to make your town possible. When a catizen dies, they will now leave a tombstone as a memorial. You can move the tombstone using the Move Decorations command in the Build Menu.

Your citizens can mourn the deaths of their friend at the tombstone

Group Control Changes

By default, each cat in a group is now controlled individually. To give a command to the entire group of selected cats, toggle group controls by clicking the blue group control button. You can also toggle group controls by using the hotkey “G”

The selection box will now turn blue when you’re controlling a group of cats

Level 3 Changes

Level 3 has gone through some massive terrain changes. Your old saves will still load, but they will likely not function correctly because the terrain has changed significantly. I suggest restarting the level if you have an old level 3.

Other Improvements

Multi-select for cats is now screen based, which should make it behave more consistently.

Updated textures for all the cats! We’re working on making the cats textures prettier. And there’s a new body type in the works for the cats. A big “Thank you” to the art team!

Cat Requests now timeout. If you accept a request from a catizen, you will be given a certain amount of time to complete the Request (with more time given for difficult requests). You now right click to dismiss requests and left click to accept them. The details are displayed in the hover tooltip instead of a separate pop up dialog.

Added more requests and request difficulty. Now, the second and third requests given by a catizen should be more difficult than the first. As a reward, cats now become permanent residents of your town if they have 3 requests fulfilled. Permanent residents will no longer consider deserting town.

New mouse toy decoration — beloved by Playful cats

The Level select screen has gotten a make over — and there’s now more animation too for when a new level is available.

The various cooked foods (and fish) now add a buff to whomever eats them. Soup increases stamina by 1 for a short while. Fish increases intellect. Milk will now restore a life point to cats who have lost lives due to being knocked out.

Bug Fixes

There have been so many bug fixes, it’s hard to keep track of them all. A majority of the update is actually stability and bug fixes. Here’s a sampling of the more player facing fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to not save correctly sometimes. You will now get a warning dialog if the game somehow fails to save
  • Fix for cats sometimes not sleeping in beds of residences they are assigned to
  • Fix for scratching post sometimes becoming unusable (new scratching post animation, btw)
  • Wild catnip will no longer grow out of control in levels 1 and 2
  • Fix for camera jumping to weird locations sometimes if framerate dips while moving the camera
  • Fix characters repeatedly trying to interact with objects that cannot be reached

Please let us know what you think of the new build!