Catadel Press Kit

by Bad Optics Games July, 22, 2019

Fact Sheet

  • Developer: Bad Optics Games
  • Release Date: Fall 2020
  • Platforms: PC & Mac
  • Website:
  • Press Contact:
  • Social:
    Twitter: @badopticsgames
    Instagram: @badopticsgames
    Facebook: @catadelgame

About Catadel

Catadel is a colony management simulation game — with cats! Manage your cat citizens’ wants, needs, and quirky personalities as you help them build a settlement in the wilderness.

Catadel controls like an RTS mixed with interaction selection from the Sims. Each cat will have needs and desires outside of performing the player’s every whim. Players will need to take into account every cats’  hunger, sleepiness, and desire to just sit back and relax.  Miserable cats will desert camp, causing a drop in population and productivity. Manage your cat citizens’ moods well and your town will prosper.

Catadel is still in early alpha with a Steam Early Access planned for early 2020 and a full release in fall 2020.

About Bad Optics Games

Bad Optics Games was first founded in April of 2019 by a former The Sims engineer that decided to go indie. The studio currently has one full time and 3 part time developers.

Media Assets

To download a zip file of all the assets shown, use this Google Drive Link.


Catadel Trailer July 2019




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